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This period started with Pink Floyd's Another Brick In the Wall and ended with Band Aid.  An interesting time to say the least.  The late Whitney Houston was one of the big stars who came to the fore.  One of her best 'The greatest Love of All'. 

The 80's was all about big business and the rise of the common man making 'loads a money' (sic) Wall Street was one of the biggest hits in the cinema and subsequently on the new fangled video machine.  A story of a greedy city dealing.

Much of the 80's music is enjoying a rebirth with the likes of Tears For Fears, George Michael, Pet Shop Boys and Adam Ant all getting played again.  It's quite amazing when you start thinking about just how many artists are still producing great music after many decades in the pop world. Elton John, Phil Collins and Staus Quo just to mention a few.